“Who is allowed to speak about fashion?”*

Even before starting our Master program as Generation 28, we were excited about our trip to Paris to explore the fashion capital. At the ArtEZ Master Fashion Strategy, we analyse and rethink the current state of fashion with the use of value-driven education. We believe in incorporating values and focusing on a more human dimension within fashion.

In Paris, we met up with professionals from the fashion industry to confront ourselves with the reality of fashion. This experience led us to reflect upon our personal practices, role and positioning within the fashion system.

“Who is allowed to speak about fashion”*, an interesting reflection by Marco Pecorari, this statement summaries our diverse experiences, discussions and talks we had with every one of the professionals. Moreover, this title involves every element you can find within the publication. This journey was not only an insightful trip, but it was also an opportunity to put our desired values into practice.

*publication study trip Generation 28 Master Fashion Strategy ArtEZ