Episode  ‘Worthless’

Valuable or worthless? To find out why certain items are considered 'garbage' and other items 'good enough to keep', I immersed myself into the debate on “clothes values” and talked to young adults. We discussed a precious and a worthless piece of clothing to trace back how these items represent their personal values. The dialogues provided insight into how they came to label items of clothing as valuable or worthless. We openly talked about the biggest clothing frustrations, but also about the most intimately cherished memories and desires that garments can evoke.

The exploratory talks I had with young people led to a short video series that aims to activate (young) consumers to gain more knowledge about the fashion industry. The series shows a recognizable image and provide insight into the alienation that has arisen between consumers and mass industry. 

Here you can watch the episode 'worthless'.

In this project I developed the concept, creative direction,  scenarios and script/text. The animation was created in collaboration with Mans Weghorst, who is the brain behind all the moving visuals in the videos.