Welcome to the world of ranking

Today you are participating in a small social experiment under the name ‘Do you dare to swipe?’.

This social experiment, which you are involved today, is about how people reach each other through digital channels.

Game rules
What do you need:

- one pair of gloves
- the audio
- 3 persons: 2 players and 1 guide

  • Decide who are the game players and who is the guide.
  • As players you put on the gloves. There is a red piece of fabric in the middle of each glove that divides the gloves in two.
  • One side for each player. The role of the guide is to help the players to put on the gloves, as the two players will be in one pair of gloves.
  • If you are stuck to each other in the pair of gloves let the guide turn on the audio.
  • Listen carefully to the audio and look at each other’s face while the audio is playing.
  • Follow the instructions mentioned in the audio.

Enjoy the game